Ladies and Gentelman,ROBO is an imagination by me.It's nothing invovled in any movie or any character who lived or died.I have no need to know how to create a robot. Because i am not a robot creator. I am a man who lives in minds imagination of robots.How,why,when,where,who and what robots are ? is the question ? The people on this century always asked.I am not Albert Einstein to answer that question. But i am maybe damn good enough to imagine robots ? that can....

July 15 3020,

Its heavy rain,the road to Paz Vega is dark and surrounded with huge trees.I cant see the road meanwhile its too slippery.'Diana,you must reach Paz Vega,you have to leave me here,I must go back to my laboratory at Rock Hill to active ROBO otherwise R-T will kill both of us'.R-T is too intelligent,fast and it dont know the meaning of mercy.I have to go now,i love Diana,i must save her before to late.I saw a Ferari it front us.I dont whether i can use it or not,i am brave man,so i really dare to try the Ferari.R-T almost near to us.I cant waste my time.'Faizal,i can't leave u here,we can do it together'.I saw tears on her eyes,there is no choice.i have to leave her bacause i am not the target of R-T,she is the one.'I am sorry Diana,good luck,save your life,if i am still alive we will meet again,may Allah S.W.T bless you forever'.I stop the car which i drive.She left me,that is i want,i want she alive,i dont care to sacrifice my life.I went near to the Ferari,suddenly there is flash light spot on my eyes.

Three years ago.

July 15 3017,

My name is Faizal Bin Ibrahim,I am a professor of robotics at Leonardo Da Vincci University in Malone.Actually,i dont like robots.I am nature lover but what can i do,there is always improvement in technology.Now,in this earth,homo sapiens going too fast on future technologies so i should make myself involve in this century otherwise i will fall behind,maybe in year 1917.Sometimes,i feel like i want go back to future but i need a car same as in Back To Future movie and i know it is impossible,what i can do is serve interner,check old pictures and make dream.Today,i am sitting on my chair,reading newspaper with my lovely hot chocolate and of course with my favorite butterscotch office telephone ringing,i answer it "Hello,can i speak to Prof.Faizal" "Yes,i am Faizal,may i know who is there? " "Sir,my name is Harun,i am in charge for Future Robot exhibition which will happen on next month Ogos 20 3017,8.00 pm on Malone Museum at Pulpen.We invite you as cheif guest and we request you to give speech atleast for few minutes,please consider about it,if can please don't say you cant make it" I hate it because sometimes the press or the robot fans will ask question to me,sometimes i enjoy it "Hold on Mr.Harun,i need check my diary whether i have other appointment or not" i have to do all myself because i don't like to keep assistant,i believe that sometimes they not loyal to their master.Damn,i am free on that day "Ok Mr.Harun i will be there" "Thank you Sir,i cant believe it that you agree so fast,anyway Sir see you there,have nice day" "its ok Mr.Harun and thank you for invite me may Allah S.W.T bless you always" call ended.What i need to do now is prepare for next month.

Ogos 20 3017

"Ladies and Gentlemen,i Harun Bin Jamil who in charge of this Future Robot exhibition welcoming all of you.I hope all the robot fans will enjoy it.I am really happy because Prof.Faizal Bin Ibrahim with us in this exhibition.Thank you Prof.Faizal.Now,Prof.Faizal will give a speech for minutes.Prof,please come here and give your speech to the robot and your fans.Ladies and Gentlemen,again enjoy yourself.Thank you." I walk towards to the mike,i hold it,i really don't what to say,I will do my best "Thank you Mr.Harun for invite me to this exhibition,ok,ladies and gentlemen thank you for come to this exhibition.I love you all" I can see happiness on their face "Well,today is one of the most beautiful day in my life,i am standing here to tell you a little bit of what is robot.Actually,robot is just a machine with computer board,sensor light,motors,wire and other parts.We are the real robot because we create it,we are the master to it.However,there is two type of robot the first is tame pet another is wild pet.Did you all understand it ?" a man at the hall rise his hand ask me "Is that wild means for wild pet for sports and tame pet for fun"I answer my question "Nope,a good master will create tame pet to help human in any condition meanwhile a evil master create will the wild pet for his name to become glory and to destory the tame pet,everything depends on the master not the robot".Ringgg,the bell is ringing that means times end for me to give my speech but i still want to say my last sentence "The future world depends on you all because you are the master.Thank you"

October 7 3017 alarm ring as usual,it 6.00 a.m .I really feel lazy to wake however i wake up,go straight to my bathroom,as every rational human do,i also do,i take shower.Then, the next thing is the most important in my life,the breakfast,same hot chocolate but with the strawberry waffle.Normally,i don't like go to work by car because the university is near to my home so i love to walk.I reach at the university,i see this guy,the gardener and i like him because he is the only one will say "Good Morning Prof.Faizal,may Allah S.W.T bless you always" to me every time he saw me in the morning so i will respond to him back "Same to you uncle Halim".At last,i go to my office,i sit on my chair,the first thing i do is,read newspaper at the cartoon page,i love cartoon.Suddenly,someone knock my office door.Tok..tok.."May i come in" i tell to my heart who is that "Yes,you may" owh,i know this guy very,he is the one who hire me,the Head Of Leonardo Da Vincci University,his name is Christoper Lewis,he is from Ausberlin."Prof are you busy" "No sir" "Well,after a long think,i know that you need a assistant" thank God he have a heart and atleast now he realise that everyday i need to do a lot of paperworks "Really,who is that sir ?" "Here she is,her name is Diana Binti Sofian" i can't believe this,she is like a angel from heaven to make me happy, mozart music play on my brain,i feel like i flying,nope,we fly together "Uhhm,uhhhm" well its Mr.Chris's voice "Sorry,sir" we understand each other.Diana say "Hi,Prof.Faizal nice to meet you,any help you need just ask me" her voice so sweet,will you be my wife that is the sentence that i want to ask her but what i say is "Nice to meet you,Diana,i will".Mr.Christoper looks like rush to somewhere i can see it on his face,he"Ok, Prof,i have a lot of meeting to attend so i need to go first,enjoy yourself" "What,sir ?" "hahaha,nothing Prof" i think he want me to sing The King Of Pop,Micheal Jackson's song,The Dirty Diana.

January 1 3018

"Happy New Year !!! " everybody yelling here and there.I think this is the most beautiful day for me because now i am sitting at Mayday Restaurant and enjoy my New Year celebration with the most beautiful woman that is Diana."Happy New Year Diana" "Same to you Prof.Faizal" "Why Prof you said like that ? I always called you Prof,am I correct?" "Yes,you are correct.But from today everything change in my life,because...." while celebrate this New Year i feel enough to she be come my ordinary friend,i want she become more than that.My girlfriend. "Because what Prof?" Diana ask me,so i need to ask her "will you be my Girl,i love you" her's eyes want to pop out,she close her mouth with her two hands.She take a deep breath,my heart tell to me,Faizal,you are gone.But Diana with a smile said "I really love you at the begining of last month,you are too late,anyway we still can enjoy our love" i am so excited,i am lost of control,i jump.Oh shit,i cant believe this,i hit the waiter who bring a black coffee to her's customer and the coffee drop on my white shirt.Its terrible to me.Diana laugh at me,what can i do ?everything is fate."Diana,i want go to washroom to clean this mess.You wait for me here".After i clean this mess,i come out.I saw Diana talk a guy meanwhile i also feel like i know this guy very well.I must go near to check it out,so i go near then nearer then nearest to him.Suddenly Diana say "Wow,he look exactly like you" who is that guy.He turn around and say to me "Hello,hello,hello,my dear brother.How are you".Oh my God.He is not a stranger,he is my brother,his name is Farhan and he is my twin.Almost everything we do together since we are kid,he is more clever then me.One day,he fight with our father and it cause our father died.He feel guilty,he just gone away without say anything.After few year.Today,he find me again.We what i mean is me,Farhan and Diana have a long chit chat.Before he go back home,he whisper to me "Now,i go back home but soon i will call you my dear brother"

March 12 3018

Its Midnite,too cold.I want to have good sleep like a dead man because I was too tired after handle a lots of my students problem.My home phone ringing "shit,who the hell is calling me now,its damn midnite" i answer my home phone "Hello,Faizal here.May i know who is there? " " Faizal,its me,Christoper Lewis, sorry for disturbing you" thank God he know that he disturb me "Its ok Sir,can i help you" "Yes,you must help me,please go to Sayonara Cafe at Explanet,General Takashima from Jenop and Sarjan Balwara Singh from Tamiland want to meet you.It a emergency.Don't ask any question.Go now..." tiiit...tiiit...He just put the phone off.I dont know what's going on.However i have to go to Sayonara Cafe because i always respect Mr.Christoper Lewis,he is like my step father.